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GNCC Schedule Announcement

GNCC Announcement

The Snowshoe GNCC, previously scheduled for June 27/28 has been postponed to September 26/27. This date was previously set for the Tomahawk GNCC in NY. To accommodate the request, the Tomahawk will be rescheduled and the new date announced as soon as possible.

The remainder of the current GNCC schedule consists of 10 events on the following dates:

May 16/17 TBA

May 30/31 John Penton, OH

June 13/14 TBA

June 27/28 TBA

July 11/12 TBA

July 31 Loretta Lynn eMTB only

Sept. 12/13 Mountaineer, WV

Sept. 26/27 Snowshoe, WV

Oct. 10/11 Mathews Farm, PA

Oct. 24/25 Ironman, IN

Nov. 7/8 TBA

As a reminder, the schedule remains dynamic and is subject to change. As the crisis affects different parts of the country differently, it is reasonable to expect recovery plans to differ from state to state as well. Most likely some areas of the country will recover quicker than others, and it may be necessary to change locations (but not dates) to accommodate the recovery. Accordingly, a final schedule with final locations will be issued as soon as it is feasible to do so.

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