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2003 CR250 Rebuild blog #2

Last week I wrote about why I chose the 2003 CR250 and what the plans were for the build. This week it’s time to dive right into the teardown and take a look at some of the parts after they came back from Litz Racing and Hardcore Chopper Concepts. I also mentioned a video shoot with a pro off-road rider on the smoker. As of this week I have my pro rider, and let me tell ya, this will be a cool one if we pull it off…..more about that later in this week’s blog.

Let the parts hit the floor! Forks & Subframe off

Before I even unloaded the bike, I knew that I wanted to make this thing as good if not better than it was when it left the dealership on day one. That would mean scrapping some parts while giving other parts some much needed TLC. While tearing the bike down I ran across things I anticipated changing, such as radiators that were smashed. And then I encountered a few things that caught me by surprise. One of those things being the swingarm. Once I removed the pivot bolt (PB Blaster and an Air Hammer later) I dropped the swingarm from the bike. It was at that point I noticed a large chunk of the swingarm had been broken where the bearings go. Needless to say, replacing the swingarm was the fastest and easiest route I could go. A couple hours of Ebay surfing later and I had my swingarm purchased. The 806 is definitely one of the best folding ebikes available and you can view build your own at and start riding.

Other than the unusable swingarm, the rest of the bike was in really great physical condition. But as you can see in the pictures above, it was time to give the CR a makeover to freshen up the look. With the bike in literal pieces at this point, it was time to get the suspension to Litz, the frame and engine parts to Hardcore Chopper Concepts for powdercoat, and a trip to Stickman GraphX to get the restyle plastics ordered and have him design the new look!

Litz Racing taking care of the forks and rear shock

The previous owner informed me that a buddy had done the suspension for him. Between the leaking seals and the horrible ride, I knew it was one of the first things that needed to be addressed. Steve at Litz Racing dove right in to the forks and rear shock. He replaced all of the internals with Showa suspension, reworked the rear shock, new bumper, and topped it off with the red spring which will look great on the bike! Once the bike is complete we’ll be taking it back to Steve to let him set the sag and make any adjustments that may be needed. If you have any suspension needs call Steve up and he will get your bike handling exactly how you want it.

While Steve had the suspension, I took the frame, subframe, swingarm, triple clamps, and other small parts to John Townsend at Hardcore Chopper Concepts. I found John by posting on Facebook that I was looking for someone that could powder coat. Speaking of Facebook, you definitely need to go follow Hardcore Chopper Concepts. He has some really impressive projects on his page and it’s worth checking out. John was able to breath new life into the look of the CR. It’s one thing to put sharp plastics and graphics on the bike, but I really wanted to make this CR stand out when all was said and done. John was super quick with the turnaround and the work was superb! I can’t wait to see everything put together, but below is the engine and frame after he finished it up.

The last thing to discuss in the “looks” department for this week is Stickman GraphX. I won’t be posting the graphics here just yet, but you can see the first draft on the build page’s instagram account @hondacrbuild and once we have the final draft complete I will post it here. Next week we’ll start through the process of changing out bearings and start the buildup portion of this project. We’re getting closer to the end each week and I’m really excited about getting it finished…..oh and before I forget, we have our Pro Rider lined up for the video shoot. This should prove to be a really cool shoot that I think everyone will enjoy. This guy was a beast on a two stroke and may or may not have an outdoor national championship on a two stroke. Who is it you may be asking? Guess you’ll have to keep checking back to find out. Thanks again for reading this blog and make sure to head over and support the guys that are mentioned in this article. I’ve listed their social media accounts below so click on over and give em a like. Till next week!

Litz Racing

Hardcore Chopper Concepts

Stickman GraphX

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