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2003 CR250R Rebuild

Well, it’s been a day or two since we last posted any original content (any content at all) to Between life and covering the National Enduros from the video side of things, ORV took a bit of a back seat. With all the craziness going on in our world today it’s caused me to dive back into this old friend of mine. I miss posting to the site on a regular basis so that needs to change. But anyhow, this post isn’t about “where has ORV been?” It’s about the bike in the picture above and the plans to rebuild this bike into a two stroke off-road machine! So with that, let’s dive right in…..

During the coming weeks, on Tuesdays, I will be posting a weekly blog about the 2003 CR250 and where the build it at. You can also follow the build on it’s very own instagram @HondaCRBuild where I will post updates as soon as they come in from day to day.

A little bit of a back story on this bike, why I chose it, and what influenced this build

A few weeks ago I was mindlessly scrolling through instagram double tapping like a madman. That’s when I saw a post on Enduro21’s account that caught my attention. The image that caused me to put the brakes on the mindless scrolling you may ask? It was Alex Salvini’s S2 Motorsport CRF450X, if you haven’t seen the bike you need to go check it out….she’s a looker. This got me to thinking about how cool it would be to build a CR250R version of the bike. Or at least use it as my “inspiration” for the build. I used to own and ride a 2002 CR250R back in the early 2000s and absolutely loved that bike! Soon after seeing this post from Enduro21 I found myself on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist looking for my CR project.

Alex Salvini’s S2 Motorsport CRF450X – The “inspiration” for the CR250 Rebuild image: Enduro21

After a few days of sending messages, making phone calls, and discussing the prices of bikes I was inquiring about, I finally found the bike that I would be using for this build. Like any bike that’s 17 years old, the CR has some issues with it. One positive about the bike is the fact that the engine is in excellent condition. The bottom end is in great shape and it has a fresh top end. Also, the previous owner installed a Lectron carburetor and a brand new clutch. With those things taken care of (for now at least) I felt comfortable in making this purchase and focusing on every other aspect of the bike. That being said, the engine will see a rebuild this fall which I will do another blog about at that time. With the bike home and in my garage it was time to tear it complexly down to a bare frame and get it ready to build back up.

Loaded up and headed home to tear down into a million pieces

So what’s the end game for this build? In the coming weeks I will be taking you through the build step by step. Along the way I’ll be making videos about the build to post here as well as on all Offroadviking social media accounts. In the very end I’m hoping to have an off-road pro rider take the bike and we’ll make one epic edit with the CR250R. I’ve got several guys in mind that I would like to see on the bike in front of the camera once it’s complete. As soon as I narrow that down I’ll be posting who will be riding it on here as well. Next week I’ll talk abut the good, bad, and ugly of the tear down. Ran into a few things that were unexpected to say the least. Until then I’ll leave you with the gallery below of the bike in it’s original state before I started taking it apart. Also, I want to thank Stickman GraphX, Litz Racing, and Hardcore Chopper Concepts for all their help so far. They’re work be covered in next week’s blog along with the tear down. If you’ve been inspired by this post to take your truck and go off-roading then check out and their off road vehicle recovery service, you might need it an emergency situation. Till then, thanks for reading!

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